An Emotional (and Beautifully Rainy) Richmond Wedding


I could tell right away how sweet, bubbly, and kind Logan was, and her love story really resonated with me. She and her then fiance, Brody, had been doing long distance for quite some time. And not long distance like Miami to New York... long distance as in Australia to Virginia. Over the last year, they had only been able to spend 7 days together. Logan had a lot on her plate, between exams, graduating cum laude, and planning a wedding. She managed to still be such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process! The venue that Logan and Brody chose was a gorgeous mansion in Richmond, which was the perfect, charming backdrop for their day. Their wedding fell on the rainiest week ever (seriously, I had 2 weddings and 3 shoots that week and every single one was rainy)! But just like at their engagement session, Logan & Brody made the most of it and saw the positive in it. The rain held off just long enough for them to do their ceremony outdoors, and then we got creative (and a little soaked) for the portraits after. It was so evident from the way that they looked at each other, how they spoke about each other, and how their family/friends spoke of them, that they share an incredible relationship. So many tears were shed (including some of my own), revolving around their reuniting, their amazing love, and their newest adventure taking them both to Australia. Congratulations again to them, and I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of their day!