Tips for Feeling at Ease on Camera


March 4th, 2017


After meeting with and talking to so many clients over the years, I've noticed a common trend. Most of us, myself included, are not used to being on camera for extended periods of time. This can make us feel nervous, just like doing anything that we don't do on a regular basis!

So early on in the development of my photography business, I made it a priority for my clients to feel comfortable on camera. I have plenty of fun, whacky, random techniques for doing this, and they're great for garnering natural expressions and reactions. So I'll handle things on the day of your shoot or wedding, but here are a few thoughts in the meantime:

1. It's okay to feel nervous. Even in today's age of social media, most of us can get a little camera shy. It's completely natural and the vast majority of my clients are in the same boat, so you're not alone!

2. Focusing on your environment, your significant other, or anything around you can help you feel at ease. Allowing yourself to have fun and enjoy the photos will go a long way in getting the best possible images. As I'm sure you noticed throughout my portfolio, I'm a big fan of natural, candid moments. In fact, 95% of what you see in my galleries is taken during laughter, movement, or real, emotional moments. So allow those to happen, and I'll be there to document them!

3. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. Okay, maybe comfortable is a little bit of a stretch since heels photograph beautifully, but you get what I mean. Picking out an outfit, wedding dress, or tux that you love will help you feel at ease on camera. After all, why wouldn't you want to document looking your best?!

4. Trust the process. Getting you the best possible photographs is extremely important to me, and I put a lot of thought and preparation into each shoot and wedding. Our goals are completely aligned in that we all want to have fun, celebrate, and have amazing photos to preserve your memories! So even though my methods may seem a little goofy at times (queue cheesy jokes; there's a reason I'm not a comedian...), try to just relax and go with it!

I can't wait to hang out soon, and take some beautiful photos while doing so!