A Surprise Engagement (& Round 2!)


March 29th, 2017


One of my favorite times to be a part of is leading up to the big proposal. The guys are always the best combination of nervous and excited, and each one is so unique. This time was no exception, as Andy planned a surprise engagement session for the day after his proposal to Brie. He was so thoughtfully detail oriented throughout the entire process; looking up things on Google, getting new dresses for her, and sending over photos of their wardrobe options (you'll see that this paid off with their incredible outfit choices below).

From my interaction with Andy, I was excited to meet his soon-to-be fiancée, who I could tell would be just as awesome. Something I always tell the couples that I work with is that we will get some beautiful photos for them, regardless of what the weather does (especially these days, since it's so unpredictable). Because we will! So during our first session when the cherry blossoms didn't bloom as predicted, the rain started coming down, and our location changed, these two were the perfect example of trusting the process and going with the flow. I broke out my "photogenic umbrella" from the trunk, and they came prepared with tons of hand warmers and the most positive outlooks. I had so much fun creating these images for such a wonderful, newly engaged couple that I was so excited when they booked another session for a week later!

The timing this go around was absolutely perfect, as it fell on the peak day for the blossoms. We were surrounded by way more of our tourist friends than last time, but that made for a fun challenge to keep the crowds out of their photos, and really get creative with angles! Congratulations again, Andy & Brie!